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ASME U-stamp 2021

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

ISO 45001

KEPIC Certificate

MAIN-BIZ Certificate

INNO-BIZ Certificate

KHNP Certificate of Registration

Venture company certificate

Export specialized company certificate

Equipment specialized company certificate

KEPIC-MN certificate

Small Giant Company of Korea certificate

Certification of a qualified supplier

Coupling Structure of Heat Transfer Plate and Gasket

Coupling Structure of Heat Transfer Plate and Gasket

Production method of in-line filter for seawater plate heat exchanger and the in-line filter thereof

Disk type plate for heat-exchanger

Heat plate for heat exchanger

Apparatus for sterilization of ballast water using heat-exchanger

Plate channel type heat exchanger

Apparatus for making fresh water by vacuum evaporation method together with a supersonic vibrator

Device for driving heat-exchanger with constant flow rate

Method and apparatus for manufacturing heat transfer plate

Structure of Heat Plate & Gasket for PHE

Assembly Structure & the Method of Heat Plate

Disk Type Plate Heat Exchanger