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Compact Unit Facility

Fully supplied by District Heating Corp, KEPCO, City Development Corp and Korea Land & Housing Corp.



The compact unit facility stands for such energy supply equipments as circulating pump installing at the final facility for use of the heat sources of District Heating Corp, heat exchanger for hot water and heating and automatic control equipment installed on the frame for entire pipes inside the mechanical room.

Compact unit diagram

Advantages of the compact unit

1. Construction cost saving - No extra cost required due to small space for piping work at the field, worker's technical skill and trouble with other processing, etc.
2. Standardization - Good for future repair and maintenance work as the factory has arranged the standardization with design, manufacturing, installation, etc.
3. Cost down effect by minimizing the cost due to the standardization
4. Construction schedule can be cut down due to time saving less than piping work at the field.
5. Better use of the space for building structure and increased convenience due to minimization of the space designed and manufactured at the factory.
6. Maintenance of the facility and convenience in management - Repair work or replacement is easy due to the standardization. Maintenance is simple by A/S for the unit itself.
7. Piping material: SUS & Carbon steel (subject to change by negotiation)
8. Power standard requirement: 380v/3ph 160Hz (subject to change by negotiation)

Features of DHP facility unit

1. he plate type heat exchanger which is the core of DHP compact unit is used for different applications through continuous technical upgrades since the first development in the country in 1978.
2. DHP plate type heat exchanger acquired the certifications for ABS (U.S.A.), GL (Germany), BV (France) and NK (Japan).
3. Complete quality control from designing to manufacturing, inspection and commissioning in accordance with ISO9001 quality certification system acquired.
4. Manufacturing at low cost with high efficiency for production of the unit using DHP heat exchanger.
5. Better use of space in the mechanical room due to a separate type for heating and hot water supply which is recommended by Korea District Heating Corp.
6. Assembling or disassembling is easy with low maintenance cost.
7. ISO 9001 acquired

DHP Substantial Unit Model

1. Custom design to meet the field's condition
2. Production according to the field's requirements
3. Installation according to the user's additional requirements